Hi, I am Gretchen 

 a gung-ho photographer with an affinity, really good New Orleans snoballs. Seriously, finely shaved ice, with sweet syrup, drowned in condensed milk is so good. I will cross the CCC (Westbank shops only stay open until 7) for a good snoball, The finer the ice the better it will be! 

Anyway, enough about New Orleans snoballs. Let me tell you a little about myself. As you may have guessed I'm a photographer. I'm the sole owner of "GM Photography & Graphics," which I founded in 2019. I have always had a camera in my hand, got my first one in 3rd grade, and have many boxes of photographs. I decided in 2018 to really learn how the camera works and start doing it professionally. 

I photograph, Seniors, Families & Couples, based in New Orleans. I love weddings (couples) and everything about them. I love meeting with clients to talking (read: gushing) about their big day. I love capturing my couples' love at their engagement sessions and at their wedding. And I love editing all their photographs and then creating beautiful albums and keepsakes that they'll cherish for years. Sigh. I just adore it all. 

I specialize in Small Weddings, the smaller the better. Small weddings to me are the ones you have in the backyard, a park, ceremony and reception at the same venue, with under 150 people. Low Key doesn't mean low quality. If you are planning a small wedding don't feel like you don't need a professional photographer. Don't leave it up to a family member or your guest with their cell phones.